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When I started at Known, my first project as lead designer was to give the current branding a new look. That included the creation of a new mark, promotional materials, signage and a new site. We decided we wanted something classy with a slight geometric feel to it, so I designed this type treatment and minimalistic collateral. The minimalist, geometric look carries through to the new site in hopes of attracting higher end clients that appreciate the idea that "less is more."




Known-dribbble  known tote







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Showrunner is an app that helps show writers write scripts collaboratively. Showrunner takes the collaborations and sends them to teleprompters on shows like The Late Show with Stephan Colbert, sets for HBO and others with many more coming soon. I was given the opportunity to brand them as well as create a quick landing page for beta users at Mobelux.










MVP Landing Page

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iHome has been one of Mobelux's clients for awhile now, so I was given the opportunity to work on the iHome Enhance app. This app controls a number of different iHome devices and lets the user set sleep timers, alarms, color modes and sound solely through the interface. We decided to treat these different settings as cards so that the user can tap and change what they need as quickly as possible.








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Swivel is a VR app that lets users virtually experience concerts from a ton of different angles. You can watch the crowd from behind the drum kit or sit front row to a sold out show. They came to us at Mobelux with a very quick turn around time and the need for a new brand as well as a landing page and some app updates. For the mark, we wanted to bring in the idea of the curved viewing area that you see when you're looking through the glasses as well as the virtual "ticket" that you get when you purchase a show through Swivel.












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Taste is a theme that I helped create at Volusion in Austin, TX. We were going through the process of adding to our current themes, and I was asked to create a category and product page. Taste's homepage is very minimal and chic, so I carried that look through both of the interior pages. As you scroll down the product page, the user gets to see the alternative images of the product, a promotional area and selected reviews that the merchant decides to show off.

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Here are some of my favorite illustrations I've done for either fun or professional projects. This list is always growing! Click on the illustrations for a better view.

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